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These plugin was created in collaboration with Nembrini Audio. 

The Eddie Kramer Phazevibe Plug-in  Rack version, is modeled after the original F-Pedal Phazevibe.

The physical pedal by F-Pedals is very unique because is not the clone of something else and thanks to its warm and beautiful tone has been receiving great ratings by many musicians around the world and it is also included in the top list (along with the Echobandit by F-Pedals) of  the “must have pedals” by sound guru Pete Thorn.

The Rack version features 3 modes of phaser effects that are selected by a slide switch and a knob to select among the 3 different options of waveforms shapes. 


The big red speed knob allows the user to range from a classic phaser through a vibrato and even a leslie-ish effect.

Mode 2  - PHASE-WHA

A phaser with a hint of wha-wha when used on low speed that become auto-wha as you increase the speed up to a very unique vibrato.


A phaser with a hint of uni-vibe when used on low speed that become an Hendrix Uni-Vibe sound as you increase the speed. This mode is incredibly warm and can offer a beautiful and smooth vibrato.

The Rack version has been greatly enhanced from the pedal version and has  2 independent Phazevibe channels that can be used in mono, dual mono and stereo. Each channel has independent controls of Speed, Filter, Pan, Dry/Wet.

It’s a super flexible phaser pedal capable of a wide range of sound possibilities, to allow musicians and producer of any genre, to enjoy the wonderful palette of tones that the Phazevibe has to offer.

Additional Features :

  • An Oscillator Phase inverter toggle switch.
  • Analog Link Switch and a RANDOMIZE button to create an even more analog feel.
  • A Sync toggle switch to synchronize the speed of the phaser to your hosting DAW, the LCDs (one per channel) will display the Tempo division when in SYNC mode or the Speed in MilliSeconds when not synched to host.
  • Four links buttons to link the controls of the 2 separate channels.
  • One Master link to set ON/OFF all 4 link buttons simultaneously.
  • A very handy VU-Meter to monitor the signal in input and output.

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