General Warranty, Exchange / Return Policy

  • If you experience a malfunction of any of our products, depending on the country and region you are in, you may either contact the dealer where you purchased the product from, or you can reach us directly at
    We will ask you to ship your product to us ONLY IF we find it necessary to perform a factory repair or replacement. Our warranty is effective for 1 year (from the date of purchase of a new unit) and only for issues caused by our manufacturing defects. The warranty will be voided if the unit has been misused, abused, modified by any unauthorized parties.
    A ONE-TIME free repair / replacement will be offered if the issue is caused by manufacturing defects.
    Although you don’t need to register your product, in order to process your request, we will ask for Proof of Purchase such as invoice, receipt, order number or credit card statement.

    F-Vision LLC reserves the right to make changes in design or make additions to or improvements upon this product without incurring any obligation to install the same on products previously manufactured. F-Pedals is not responsible for injuries and/or damages related to the use of our products.

For added benefits and extra coverage please check out our F-PROTECTION 1 PLAN.


  • At the moment we do not offer a return policy on working units purchased from our online store. 
  • F-Products retailers might offer different return policies
  • If in the unlikely event you received a product with a manufacturing defect please refer to our general warranty information.

For added benefits and extra coverage please check out our F-PROTECTION 1 PLAN.